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Instructor Agreement


Welcome to the Instructor Agreement page. I can not tell you how happy I am that you are considering becoming one of our instructors. As you know Local Yarn Stores, or any local craft stores, have a harder time surviving without projects, classes, private lessons, and/or help.

Lone Star Yarn runs on a small staff, and most of the time, it is hard to split class and service up. I strive to give ALL our guests that feeling of personal attention. This is where individuals, like you, are able to help out. So Welcome, and lets get started.

Types of Skills

Yes, Lone Star Yarn, is a knit and crochet store. This does not mean the fun and learning stops there. I personally would like to see Lone Star Yarn grow beyond just knit and crochet. There are so many fiber arts to learn, share and teach, it is hard to list them all.

What classes would be acceptable to teach? Anything Fiber related! Here is a small list;

Drop Spindle

If you have skills and able to teach or help correct mistakes in any one of these skills I would love to visit with you.


This goes without saying much. Yes, there are perks to teaching. I would like to say that Lone Star Yarn has some fairly reasonable ones.

1. Yarn for class samples Discounts, if instructor wishes to use it;
       A. Yarn is given FREE of charge. If class makes then 70% of yarn cost will be deducted from class fees paid out,                                 or, the class sample becomes a store sample and the instructor will be given 30% of cost store credit.
       B. Instructor can purchase yarn at a 30% discounted rate. If the class makes the item remains theirs. If the                            class doesn't make the instructor MUST reimburse the store the 30% discount or; the class sample can                        remain as a store sample and the instructor will receive a 70% store discount.

2. There is an “Meet the Instructor” page. This is where ALL my instructors can have a personal plug of their own. Say you are a tatter, however you do bead work, plaster design, and papercrafts. On this page your other skills can be listed, and have a source for private classes to be arranged, or take on special orders.
       The only 2 restrictions there are:
             1. All agreements of services, product, classes, refunds, payments are between you and the end client!!
             2. You must not only host 4 classes in 6 months, but 4 out of the 6 needs to have 2 or more attendees.

Use of Lone Star Yarn seating for private, semi-private, or group lessons. This should go without saying, these classes are to be fiber related meaning; If you are teaching someone how to throw clay, we do NOT have the right enviroment for it. Where as, teaching someone to spin, drop spin, non-hazardous fiber dying are all ok.

Instructor's Rights and Expectations

Instructor will be treated fairly and equally with other instructors. To be spoken well of, to, and about their personal abilities and classes. To be compensated for their time, knowledge, and effort. Having an equal amount of time and date options for class scheduling. Instructor’s give NO guarantee of class success or fullness, just the opportunity.

To have full use of classroom area, designated storage space, extra seating and tables, and class notions, whiteboard, snacks, drinks, and use of displays, with in reason.

To be given an attendee lists, containing names and contact at the beginning of class. These will be used in case the instructor has to delay, post pone, or cancel a class session.

Being able to come in early to set up, or stay later to finish up any projects.

Set classes on calendar and have say in what interests them to teach.

To get paid in a timely manner, and for the correct amount.

Store Expectations

When you become an instructor at Lone Star Yarn, you become an extension of Lone Star Yarn. No, that does NOT mean you are an employee. It means that when people see, hear, take instruction from you; how you treat them, talk with them, about the attendees/store/owner; reflects back on Lone Star Yarn and the programs it offers and our survivablity.

With this knowledge; I, the owner, expect ALL my instructors to act, talk, and treat all guests/attendees with the respect, patience, and understanding. Giving them this kind of treatment will insure Lone Star Yarn’s and your class’s success and return attendance.

To help make the classes a success and be filled, it is highly encourage that the instructors post, blog, instagram, talk up their classes, or even sharing postings. Having samples made, or in the process of being made, along with instructions, pictures, or other marketable content IS expected. Lone Star Yarn, I, will team up with the instructors to help promote these classes. It is much easier when there is material to work with.

Classes are held on their assigned dates and times. If extra dates or times need to be added, they must be cleared by Kris Murphy or Manager on Duty. This will help ensure that class space is open and available for ALL classes. 

Help keeping the classroom clean and organized by returning the tables and chairs back to where you retrieved them from, throwing away trash, whipping off the whiteboard, and returning any un-needed notions/supplies is greatly appreciated. 

You and your attendees are welcome to work on class projects during Fiber Night, if it become neccessary for instruction, you and your attendees will be asked to move back into the classroom area. Fiber Night is strickly for social gathering and enjoying each others company, NOT as an addition to a particular class. Please be considerate of those you are trying to instruct and those that are there to relax and visit with each other.


Lone Star Yarn, the Owner, or Manager on Duty, has the right to cancel or postpone ANY class deemed necessary. This means, bad weather, store closure, illness, or lack of attendees. What is does NOT mean, the Owner nor Manager on Duty can cancel a class on a whim.

Lone Star Yarn, or the Owner ONLY, can dismiss or deny a person from becoming an instructor, or releaved of teaching. These would be extreme circumstances. Lone Star Yarn, the Owner, nor Manager on Duty can not guarantee a class will fill or be a success, just the opportunity.


Class payments are unified paid according to number of sessions. ALL instructors are paid at beginning of course for the total number of attendees that signed up. Please see Kris Murphy or Manager on Duty for going rate.

Store Discounts are on the store and does NOT get passed on to the Instructor, just as an Instructor Discount for a class will NOT get passed on to the store. Example, Lone Star Yarn is giving a 10% off all classes during May; the instructor will get paid full class price, the discount will come out of store profit. Now the Instructor is giving a 10% discount on their class in May, the amount paid to the instructor will have a 10% deduction per person for those classes in May. Therefore, it will be coming out of the instructor’s profit NOT the store.

Price per session is given personally. This is due to, sometime specialty classes are held and different pricing is needed.

ALL attendees need to pay for the class in advance. Once class starts, the store gives NO refunds. ALL refunds and arrangements are strictly done through the instructor.

Instructor's Printed Name                                                                                Date

Instructor's Signature                                     Phone Number                           Email Address
  • 2816 Central Dr., Ste140, Bedford, TX 76021
  • Ph: (817) 404-9814
  • Monday 10am - 5pm
  • Tuesday 10am - 3:30pm
  • Wednesday - Friday 10am - 5pm
  • Saturday 9am - 4pm
  • Sunday Closed
  • Extended hours Tues 6-8pm (Fiber Night)